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Jessops Camera Repair Agents for Sony

Any Jessops customer with a Sony Camera can contact us direct not only if they have a current repair or problem but if their Sony camera requires repairs in the future if it was bought from a Jessops store.

Jessops Camera Repair Agents

Domestic and General repairs

Also known as policy repairs and photo +repairs (or photo plus repairs) - We are the Jessops repair agent for these policy repairs and we can repair and process this procedure for Jessops' customers, not only with existing issues but with any new problems which may arise. Please check when your policy expires, as the term may vary from between 3-5 years.

Chargeable repairs (Estimate Repairs)

RRC may already hold a camera on behalf of Jessops customers and they can contact us directly on 0121 789 9991 if their Sony camera has already been taken into a Jessops store. RRC guarantee to be cheaper than the manufacturer, offering specialist knowledge and technical skills in repairs and servicing, backed by many years of expertise.

Warranty Repairs (guarantee or guaranteed repairs)

We are the approved Sony repair agent and any products purchased from Jessops under warranty can be repaired / serviced and resolved by us. Due to our location we are perhaps more accessible and convenient to our customers than the manufacturers direct repair route. We will also offer free of charge collections and returns on these repairs. We are also a walk in centre, offering customers comfort and accessibility to drop their repairs direct. All our repairs are done on site, so customers have direct access to the engineers repairing their product.

Working together...Jessops, Sony and RRC

We work closely with the industry’s major equipment manufacturers, retailers and associations. RRC is one of just two repair companies in the UK authorised to repair Sony camera equipment, and the only one to service Sony returns.

We have also developed excellent relationships with the manufacturers’ own technical staff to maintain two-way communications on product issues and to enable the joint development of fast and effective solutions.

We are a Regional Repair agent for Sony UK and Toshiba, a Philips Hub and a Samsung Premier Repair centre. We are also authorised to service and repair products for many other manufacturers and leading retailers such as Jessops, John Lewis and the Sony Centres. All of our internal processes and procedures have been independently audited and awarded A grade certification.

Our advanced workshops are equipped with the latest software diagnostic and test equipment and we are one of the few independent repair agents authorised to repair TGA boards using infra-red re-flowing technology. We also have a specialised blackout room for camera adjustment, repair and calibration, enabling us to carry out very accurate tests and alignments.

... putting the customer first

In developing these skills and resources, our aim has always been to ensure that we can provide a service that really meets our customers’ needs.

We carry out all repair work as promptly and efficiently as possibly, providing a full diagnostic breakdown to ensure that the customer is kept informed at every step of the way. Our strong relationships with the manufacturers minimises any problems or delays with obtaining spare parts.

We constantly review our costs to make sure that we are a competitive and viable repair solution for the customer. We assess every call to see if we can advise customers how to resolve the problem themselves or, if we have to make a house visit, we try to ensure that we have all the parts necessary to complete the repair on arrival, so minimising call-out costs.

We are also happy to offer individual support and advice, taking the time to explain how the often complex equipment works and helping customers to use it to its full potential within their own homes.

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